Architectural Services

Celebrating over 15 years in business, John Snyder Architects (JSA) is an award-winning, strategically focused architectural and interior design firm. Our staff fully utilizes their combined years of experience working within the construction industry to provide our clients with high-quality & thoughtful designs, documents, and services that set us apart from our competitors. This allows us to provide tailored solutions for all of our clients. Providing this attention to all aspects of our services has created repeat and lasting relationships with clients such as Alvogen, Chemung Canal Trust Company, Chobani, CMoG, Cornell University, Corning, Excelsior College, Maguire Family of Dealerships, Preferred Mutual, SUNY Oneonta, Syracuse University. Our hope is that you will decide to utilize our services and become another pleased client on our ever-growing list.

Phase 1: Programming
  • Description
    • This phase sets the tempo and expectations for the entire project. During this time, we take the opportunity to get to know who you are, and what your needs and desires. We gather all the information we need from you and research applicable items/constraints that will impact the project. From there we can provide a proposal of services and a developed program. Below are some elements of Programming.
  • Process
      • Client Meeting and Brief
      • Research and Gather Information / Existing Conditions / Photos / Regulations / Constraints
      • Conduct Preliminary Budget Analysis
      • Compile a List of Spaces / Needs, and Develop Adjacency Requirements of This List
      • Develop Project Timeline
      • Establish Approximate Client Budget
Phase 2: Schematic Design
  • Description
    • In this phase we start exploring potential solutions, layouts and aesthetics that address all aspects of the program. We field verify existing conditions if necessary and start a digital model of those conditions. As we explore the solutions for your project, we will use all the tools at our disposal from hand sketching on trace paper to 3D digital modeling and beyond. This allows us to explore areas, volumes, and interfacing of program needs in a pliable method. Through this exploration we are able to narrow down the design to a single option with your input. Below are elements of Schematic Design.
  • Process
      • Area / Volume Allocation and Connection of Listed Spaces
      • Field Verification and As-Built / Existing Modeling
      • The Initial Development of Plans and Elevations
      • Initial Code Review is Created
      • Site/ Space Layout and Relations to Neighboring Properties / Spaces
      • Explore and Discuss Potential Material Selections and Construction Type
      • Client Progress Review(s)
Phase 3: Design Development
  • Description
    • This where the project really starts taking shape. We start refining the project and resolve any major open questions so that it can proceed into Construction Documentation. At this point we start any necessary permitting and review processes with the local municipality. Our intent for all of our projects is to be a contribution and enhancement to the community while not compromising on your needs for your project. By the end of this process you will have the opportunity to virtually explore a space inside and out and get glimpses of what your finished project may look like. Below are elements of Design Development.
  • Process
      • Plans and Elevations Revised and Refined
      • Code Review is Refined
      • Budget Review
      • Begin Municipal Permitting and Review Process as Needed
      • Engineer Input and Review as Needed
      • Start Incorporating Finishes
      • Provided Renderings and Publishing Material as Needed
      • Client Progress Review(s) with Initial Virtually Exploration Options
Phase 4: Construction Documents
  • Description
    • At this phase we take the Model and start the final stage of documenting all of the choices, materials, connections, and details to be able to finish obtaining any permits and approvals to go out to construction. This is where the information is finalized and the instructions are created for construction. Our attention to detail in this phase allows for very tight and competitive bidding and ensuring this project complies with all codes and regulations. The time well spent here will help limit / eliminate any changes during construction. Below are elements of Construction Documents.
  • Process
      • Finalizing Plans, Elevations, Details and Code Review
      • Finishes and Materials are Finalized
      • Engineers Documents are Created and Finalized as Needed
      • Update Renderings and Publishing Materials as Needed
      • Client Review of 50%, 95% and Final Review Sets
      • Final Budget Review Before Bidding
      • Contractor Bid Invitations List Developed With Client and Sent Out
Phase 5: Bidding / Negotiating / Permitting
  • Description
    • This is quick but vital phase. Here we receive final approvals and permits to proceed into construction. We introduce all bidding contractors to the project, provided them with the documents and often a virtual model for reference. From here we give them a set time to review the documents, ask any questions and return bids before or at the due date and time. From there we review the bids and tabulate the information to review with the client. We will offer our recommendations but ultimately this is ultimately the client's decision. At this point if the bids and budget don’t align a value engineering and re-bidding process may begin. Historically speaking this process is uncommon for our projects. Once you have selected a contractor, we will proceed with notifying the awarded contractor and of course kindly let the other bidder know that the project has been awarded. At that point we will assist with drawing up, and reviewing the contact. Once all parties are satisfied, we will have everyone sign and construction can begin! Below are elements of Bidding / Negotiating / Permitting.
  • Process
      • Permits and Approvals Obtained
      • Bidding Kick Off Meeting / Walk Through Occurs
      • Bid RFI (Request For Information) Review and Response
      • Final Bids Reviewed and Tabulated
      • Bids and Budget Comparison
      • Value Engineering and Re-Bidding (Only as Needed)
      • Award Project to Selected Contractor
      • Prepare, Review, and Sign Contracts
Phase 6: Construction Administration
  • Description
    • During this phase JSA will provide you comprehensive services based on our experience, expertise, and robust knowledge of construction to ensure the success of your project. This results in minimizing the stress the client may feel during this phase. We want this phase to be a pleasant experience for you! The majority of our staff has deep roots in working in construction and the process at some point prior to joining our team, therefore we have a great well of experience to draw from. This allows us to review submittals, questions, materials and quality of work to make sure your project is exactly how you want it. Working closely with the contractor we are able to minimize waste, delays and added unforeseen cost. We take great pride in our budgets being nearly identical to the bids and being able to maintain that through construction while minimizing the stress of construction for you. Below are elements of Construction Administration.
  • Process
      • Submittal Review and Responses
      • RFI Review and Responses
      • Shop Drawings Review and Responses
      • Documenting and Reviewing Quality of Materials and Work
      • Coordinating Trades and Minimizing Delays
      • Change Order Review and Responses
      • Budget Tracking
      • Provide Review and Responses in the Field
      • Coordinate Site Meetings and Owner Walkthrough Reviews
      • Ensure Permitting Reviews are Done in Accordance to Municipality Requirements
Phase 7: Review
  • Description
    • At this point we are wrapping up the project and ensuring everything is to your liking. We will preform a final review of the quality of work and document any issues that the contractor needs to address before close out. Our office will ensure everything is compliant to local / state codes to ensure that you receive final approval for occupancy on time. Once everything is completed, we will perform a final close out meeting and hope you enjoy your new space and will come to JSA again for any future needs! Below are elements of Review.
  • Process
      • Punchlist (List of Items to be Addressed Before Close Out)
      • Ensure Receipt of Final Approvals and Occupancy
      • Finalize any Documents and Provide As-Builts as Needed
      • Perform Final Review and Evaluation Meeting With Client